Paper tableware is now used by all and everywhere – in cafes and cinemas, picnics and machines for the preparation of drinks. The most popular paper cups. They are made of paper or cardboard and laminated with a layer of polyethylene. They can pour cold and hot drinks, pasty products (sour cream, ice cream, sauces, etc.) or pour popcorn.

It's hard to believe, but paper cups were invented more than a hundred years ago. Our compatriots first saw them as packaging for ice cream. These were completely fragile, quickly soaking copies, which when freezing the contents easily fell out the bottom with all the unpleasant consequences for the user.

Fortunately, the technology of making paper dishes does not stand still. Now it is made of single-or double-sided laminated paper of high density, as well as foil paper. Such paper (cardboard) is made of deciduous and coniferous cellulose. For the production of cups, the paper is wound on a special form, the seam is welded and the bottom is attached.

There are a number of advantages to using paper cups:

1. High level of environmental friendliness (they are easy to dispose of by burning, while they do not harm the environment).

2. Ease, convenience, security (they can not be broken).

3. Hot drinks in paper cups don't burn your hands.

4. Low price.

5. They withstand the temperature of the contents up to 80 degrees and do not emit harmful substances.

6. They do not need to be washed.

7. Hygiene (they can not be used several times).

Paper cups with logo

In addition to all of the above undeniable advantages, paper cups are also effective, original and inexpensive advertising tool, if they put the logo of the company. Now on paper cups it is possible to put any drawing in different ways of the press (basically, flexographic and offset is applied).

In some cases, this method works better than expensive banners, so it is widely used even in world-famous companies.

From a psychological point of view, advertising on cups gives good results, because in the mind of the user, the pleasant taste of the contents is associated with the logo depicted on the dishes.

And if the reception visitor or potential partners will be offered a drink in a Cup with the logo of your company, it can have a very positive impact on its image.

To create a positive image of the company, cups with design can be used at various entertainment events (holidays, fairs, corporate events, football matches, etc.).

Cups with logos can be distributed free of charge in various enterprises and organizations, hospitals, educational institutions and other target audiences.


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